Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Woman beats up husband because he refused her sex

The world is gradually turning to something else, or how else do you describe the actions of Sondra Earle-Kelly who allegedly battered her husband because he refused to have sex with her. According to Metro UK, 51-year-old Kelly hurled ceramic figurines at her husband when he refused to stop watching TV and make love to her then proceeded to beat him with a pair of nunchucks.
Police found blood on the walls of the couple’s apartment when they arrived. Earle-Kelly, who was also said to have taken a tranquiliser tablets over the course of the evening, was charged with aggravated domestic violence and spent the night in a Charlotte, South Carolina police cell.

Man snaps and murders his wife, 5 year old child then himself

A seemingly happy suburban father 'snapped' when he shot his wife and five-year-old daughter in execution style before turning the gun on himself himself.
Minnesota police this week closed the case involving David Crowley, 29, his dietitian wife Komel, 28, and their daughter Raniya whose decomposing bodies, completely ravaged by the family dog, were discovered by a neighbor in January of 2014. Police say they found the Arabic phrase "Allahu Akbar" written in blood on the wall of the family's Apple Valley home.
Police also found a spiral notebook that had the words, 'Submit to Allah NOW,' written on it.
The notebook also had the words 'open "The Rise" ' and 'most recent version,' written on it. Crowley, a documentary filmmaker, was working on a project called 'The Rise' about the 'Gray state model.' The film's story line includes a police state, martial law crackdown and social breakdown.
A police file about the incident released this week describes the alleged murder-suicide step by step.

Crowley is said to have killed his wife and daughter two hours before he shot himself in the front of the head.
Komel Crowley was raised Muslim in Pakistan and converted to Christianity when she married David Crowley. They married after meeting when he was stationed in Texas for the Army in 2008.
Police believe that Crowley's choice of Arabic words was a sarcastic jab at his late wife's background.

In the kitchen police found a laptop with the words 'I have loved you all with all of my heart.'

On the floor of the kitchen were Crowley's bloody footprints. On the floor next to the dead bodies was blood smeared all over a Quran that had a Muslim forgiveness prayer for the dead
The bodies were not found for days and before they were discovered they'd been torn apart by the family's dog who was still alive when police arrived at the scene.
'It was just a gruesome scene that anybody who came in contact with had to face,' Valley Police Chief Jon Rechtzig said.
'You had this terrible loss of life -- an entire family wiped out, three people.'

'He was in a very dark place,' Rechtzigel said. 'He had a lot of stressors on him and was working on a very dark topic – basically about the fall of society and FEMA troops taking over the U.S.'
Crowley reportedly expressed his concerns about the film to his friend just a little over a week before he murdered his family.
Crowley emailed Los Angeles filmmaker Jason Allen to tell him that they lost most of their financial backers.
He wrote him that he was 'exhausted from carrying and managing this burden for so many years.

Why we honoured Majek Fashek - Sharp Band CEO, Anesi Ivharue

You are among the top live bands in Nigeria, how do you feel?
It’s a privilege and honour, most especially by God’s grace, it’s not man’s doing. It feels good to be reckoned with as one of the top bands in Nigeria today. It takes a whole lot of hard work, it’s been long time and not something that started yesterday. It cost hard work consistently and I have been able to withstand the pressures that are coming from all corners. I feel good about it.
How will you describe the success of the band since it started?
The success of the band is not something that was sudden. It was a gradual thing. When we started, it was as if there was no hope and gradually there was awareness, we were spontaneous. Slowly and steadily, we got to where we are today and we give God the glory.
What is your relationship with other bands?
As a matter of fact, our relationship is very cordial, we are friends. Myself and Godbless of Eboni Band are very good friends, Akin of Shuga Band too, Kudense Band of Ejiro. We are like a family, we connect, we talk, we have good rapport, and we meet from time to time.
As a matter of fact, there is this meeting that holds every Monday, tagged Monday Night Gig. It’s a way of bringing us together, so that we will have a common front where we all meet and discuss the problems and issues arising from business of band ownership. We are very good friends, like a family. There is no problem at all.
How did you bring these great talents together considering their different backgrounds?
First, you have to know what you want, and then you will know what to get. It is about understanding and patience. They are of different backgrounds just as you said and they will have different understanding and different beliefs. You will have to know what you want so that you will know how to get what you want from them.
As the saying, if you want to catch a monkey, you will have to behave like one. It is about being able to use what you have to get what you want. We all have our different beliefs and different cultures. But knowing how to put them together and how to work with them and get good results at the end of the day is the bottom line. It is about knowing how to get what you want from what you have.
Has there been any shake ups and how did you handle it?
Yes, I’ve been through like three shake ups. I have had events where key players in the band decide to walk out unnoticed. And when that happens, that is when you know if you are strong enough to pull it together. I’ve had three shake ups like I said.
The first one happened when 80 percent of the band left to form another band. Another happened when 50 percent of the band left to form their own band. Another one happened again when like 30, 40 percent of the band members left at the same time to form their own band. And so far, I wish them well because they are all doing well. And I am proud to say that Sharp Band Nigeria has developed some other bands in the country today. It is just one of those things, you don’t have to be together forever. It is just the manner they left that’s not decent. It is like when a group of people decide to come together to plan a coup. They just put all the materials and hard work you have inculcated in them together to start up a band somewhere. So, you are left with little or nothing. You start working with new and fresh hands. Those are the challenges, but it is alright, I have gone through it like thrice and it doesn’t bother me anymore. When it comes, I always overcome.
The band is very busy, how do you manage its tight schedules?
It is very easy and not that easy. You just have to schedule yourself according to what you have in your chart. It is just like drawing out a template for your schedules. The band starts its weekly gig from Wednesday through Sunday. Mondays and Tuesdays are off-days. We even do our rehearsals on Tuesday, so we are left with Monday. It is okay because we already have a template for the band where we do our follow-up. It is about scheduling.
What brought about the idea of Sharp Band Vs Sharp Band show that you organized at Bay Lounge?
Sharpband vs Sharpband (a style not a competition) 2 in 1 band, 1 stage, 1 sound, 2 presentations and 2 interpretations simultaneously. This is the future. It is a long time dream of mine. I have always wanted to do a show, not the regular event where we will bring together people from all walks of life, host people, showcase our art for people to see what we are capable of. So, it is a dream come true. It is something that I have always loved to do. I have had this idea long time ago.
This happens to be the right time. It was actually scheduled for October 9, but it got disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.
It has never been done in this part of the world before. That is just it. It is our own event where we do our own thing, packaged by us and organized by us.
That is when you see the true Sharp Band. It is going to be an annual event. It is designed to take place in an open air setting. We thank God for the very huge success. Sharp Band Vs Sharp Band is new in this part of the world. This is the first of its kind.
We learn that you are planning to honour Hit makers and legend this year?
Yes! It’s called COHMAL) Celebration Of Hit Makers And Legends, the concept is to say very big thank you to our hit makers and Legends. Without them there won’t be bands and DJ's. (COHMAL) it's going to be a monthly event. The first Hit Maker we honoured on February 12, 2016, was Majek Fashek at Bay Lounge Lekki, Lagos State.

That is why they are the first!

Pix: Two Faculty of Medicine students of ABU Zaria still missing!

Two students Hauwanat Yusuf, 200 level Medicine and  Nasirat Oyeyemi 200 level Nursing science who were reported missing since Saturday January 30, 2016 were still yet to be found. They are said to be female students of  Faculty of Medicine ABU Zaria. The two friends were last seen that Saturday on their way to Emanto and sabongari Zaria to visit their relatives.  The Abuja Muslims Daw’awah and Peace Forum a body the students belongs shared their pictures on their facebook page and also gave details of their disappearance.
We pray may the Almighty bring them back safely, AMIN

Florida man kills 6-year-old son by crushing him into sofa for disrupting his video game

A Florida man played video games while he smothered his 6-year-old son to death against a couch on Christmas Eve, according to police.
James “Rick” Dearman told his two kids, 6 and 7 years old, to go to bed around 7:30 p.m., his girlfriend, Ashley Cole, told cops. The children refused to go to sleep, Cole said, and instead ran around the room, WFLA reports.
The 31-year-old Dearman got up and forced both kids to stand facing  the wall, then went back to playing video games with Cole in his Englewood home. When he saw the 6 year old watching the couple play, Dearman forced the boy to lie on his side on the couch with his face against the rear couch cushions, authorities said.
The 270-pound man then sat on top of his son and returned to his game, while the boy screamed that he could not breathe. Five minutes later, the boy was motionless and Dearman and Cole went into the garage to smoke a cigarette, cops said.
Cole returned to find the boy’s lips were blue, so she went into the garage to pray, according to the arrest affidavit. Dearman later called 911 and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.
A deputy saw bruising on the boy’s back, according to the Bradenton Herald.  “There’s not a detective or anybody who isn’t pretty upset about this and finds it egregious and malicious, the treatment of a 6-year-old child,” Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Captain John Walsh told WFLA. The boy was declared dead at Englewood Hospital.
Investigators interviewed the boy’s 7-year-old sibling, who demonstrated to detectives how the boy was crushed into the couch. “When Dad squished him, he got dead,” the sibling said, according to the Bradenton Herald.
The sibling also told police that the boy had urinated on himself when he wasn’t allowed to get up to use the bathroom. Dearman was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, which was then upgraded to aggravated manslaughter of a child.
He is being held without bond at the Sarasota County Jail.