Monday, 22 February 2016

Actor Femi Adebayo Appointed Special Assistant To Kwara State Governor

Prolific Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo Salami has been made special adviser on Arts, Culture And Tourism to the Kwara State government. The star performer share the good news on his social media page to express his gratitude and seek for supports from his teeming fans.
He wrote ;
"Today i was appointed as Special Assistant (SA) to the Kwara State Governor on Arts, Culture and Tourism. Thank God 4 an opportunity 2 transform my state into a foremost tourist state that will attract foreign and domestic tourist. My fans i need ur support. Leave me not."

NBTE Non Accreditation: Osun Students Sets University Ablaze

Students of the privately-run Federal Government Initiative, Southern Nigeria Institute of Innovate Technology, Ifewara in Osun State, on Monday February 22, 2016 set the private institution ablaze because some courses offered by the school were allegedly not accredited.
According to an eye witness account who briefed omonaijablog, some of the students had turn violent on Sunday evening, vandalising the school’s property, when they learnt that their courses were not accredited by the National Board for Technical Education, the violence which escalated on Monday saw so many students chanting solidarity songs while others were seen destroying some of the school properties.
Omonaijablog's source confirmed that many buildings, vehicles and other physical objects were torched by the irate students.


Eventually, love conquers all. It melts the heart of even the stone-hearted. Little wonder it tamed and conquered the new Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi.  Ooni of Ife is in love with Wuraola Otiti Zynab Obanor.
Interestingly, a Roman freshly divorced from his wife was blamed by his friends, who inquired: “Was she not chaste? Was she not fair? Was she not fruitful?” In response, he held out his shoe, and asked them whether it was not new and well-made; and they said it was. “Yet,” he said, “none of you can tell where it pinches me.” The same argument has been made like as a perfect excuse for Oba Ogunwusi.
The monarch’s reluctance to divulge information about his wife to the media soon after he was chosen as the Ooni-elect drew suspicions from various quarters about the nature of his relationship with his wife. However, save a coordinated social media publicity stunt allegedly sponsored by his wife and her friends, little would be known about Olori Adebukola.
Indeed, it took the new royal family quite a while to reveal the identity of the queen of the 51st Ooni of Ile Ife. Findings revealed the queen had to seize her destiny in her hands and make a daring decision to reveal her own identity when it became glaring to her that her husband, Oba Ogunwusi, was reluctant to identify her as his Queen-bride.
Friends of Olori Adebukola who were desperately seeking to benefit from association with her, allegedly urged her to release pictures and news about her to popular online media and bloggers lest she is tactically shoved aside and silenced in the royal family.
This explains the sudden flurry of news and strategically timed social media ‘revelations’ of the identity of the wife of Oba Ogunwusi few days before his coronation.
However, Oba Ogunwusi’s initial reluctance to step out with Adebukola as his Queen-bride was not without good reason. Adebukola according to findings, has persistently failed to excite the love and attention of her husband due to certain shortcomings.
However, according to SDK blog, “The New Olori is from Royal Brass Casters guide family -Ine n’ Igun. According to Stella Dimoko Korkus sources, “Their union is already 95 percent completed, just for few other formalities to be concluded. Wuraola is relocating from the diaspora to take on her role as wife and Olori to a Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi,Ojaja II…”

Source: The

What Do I Do To This Souncity Staff Who Duped Me 100k? Actor Shan George Asked

  Nollywood actor Shan George is sad and fuming simply because an alleged Soundcity staff, Andrew Ameh Ujah who was said to have received 100 thousand naira (N100,000) from her but refused to play the music video the money was meant for and also held on to her money for almost two years now.
The incident happened in 2014 and then the actor called him out, she posted it then and she has decided to post it again on her Instagram page and asked her followers their opinion on what she should do to the alleged scammer, because apparently she is yet to get her money back. It was reported back then that the guy is not a Soundcity staff but only scammed her but she disagrees.

she  shared an evidence of payment and wrote on Instagram:
"This person Andrew Ameh Ujah alias DRO who works wit Soundcity insisted i pay him 100k before he plays a music video i was promoting. this is evidence of dat payment. he has not played dat video even once since then. wen i asked him wots up. he said my video SUMMER ROSE by JAGA. directed by MATTMAX is a rubbish video dats why he didnt play it. a video he saw and approved before asking me to pay d 100k. yet he didnt refund my money. my pple abeg wots ur take on this?"
Here is the Guaranty Trust Bank teller she got from her deposit into Ujah's account then;

Ifeanyi Ubah boasts: "I Can Make Dollar Come Back To N200 In One Month"

Popular business mogul and Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, have boasted that he is capable of bringing dollar down to 200 naira if given the chance to do so.
Ubah disclosed this during an interview with Channels TV yesterday, Sunday February 20, 2016, that if the President Buhari would consult him, he has the business acumen and plan to bring the naira back to about N200 to a dollar, he said Bureau De Change is not the cause of  Dollar rise .

In his words; “Look at the economy, look at the position of the naira today; some of us have ideas on how we can restore this. Do you know how many Burea De Change people who food has been taken out of their families because of this? If you say they are the ones causing it, then where are you today?”

“It needs strategic management. It won’t take me one month, if you give me part of that consultancy, naira would come back to 200. I can bet my life with it, naira would come back to N200. If you call me for that consultancy, I would put naira back to 200.”

Ubah however, did not reveal how he intends to achieve this feat if called upon. He simply said: "Don’t worry, that’s my business and business is secret."
This won't be the first time this philanthropist have been involved in issues like this; he was given a go ahead about 2 years ago during kerosine scarcity to provide solution and he came up with a term he call "Kero-Direct" which alleviated the sufferings of many Nigerians at the time. 

Incredible! Governor Fayose's One Year In Office Commissioned Projects In Picture

This was what they said the achievements of the vocal governor of Ekiti State has been for the past one year of his administration... Stomach infrastructure indeed...