Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"I didn't use matches on her, it was a lighter" father pours kerosene on daughter and burn her

The victim
According to the victim, Elomachukwu Agbara, her father, Ifeanyi Agbara, poured kerosene on her and lit her up for not coming home on time from her tailor's place. 
The alleged man
Asked why he set her on fire, Ifeanyi said "She had been out of the house and we asked her to come inside the house, she refused. So we poured Kerosene on her and that was it. It was when she wanted to run away. Nobody used matches on her, it was a lighter" - he said.


"His name shall be Kenechukwu Isaac Chukwuchirimeze Okonkwo" Actor Kenneth Okonkwo names son

Popular Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo and his wife, Ifeoma recently welcomed a baby boy, their first Child after nine years of marriage. He shared his photos and wrote, "Unto us a son is given and his name shall be Kenechukwu Isaac Chukwuchirimeze Okonkwo". Congratulations Kenneth and Ifeoma.


DR CHRIS OKAFOR WARNS AGAIN -Plane crash looms. -National party APC might break. -Nigeria economy will witness more crisis.


Nigerian clergy man and the Senior Pastor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry (aka) Liberation City. Dr Chris okafor also known as Oracle, has warned again against Looming plane crash among other prophesies he gave during a glorious Sunday service on the 15th may 2016 at the national headquarters of Liberation city, ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria. The oracle of God has he is Fondly called said God opens his eyes to see a plane crash looming if proper prayer are not made, he said the plane he saw has lot of uniform staffs inside it, but if proper prayer can be made, God will surely interfere, He however call on the airspace management authority to be alive in it responsibility to manage the airspace, he enjoy them to all pray whenever they want to discharge their duties. The man of God also challenged Nigerians to always pray for the country, because what is actually fighting the country is more of spiritual, it is only through spiritual that the battle can be won. He said the leadership of the country has a good intention but intention will not be realistic not until enforcement is made to support the intention to come to reality, he said with God all things are possible, he said if proper prayer are not made, the economic situation of the country might witness total fall out within the months of September-November, he said God reveal to redeem, if Nigerian can come together and cry to God, God is ready to answer our prayers.
Meanwhile Dr Chris okafor has also revealed that the leading party in the country, APC will break, because the party will be engulf in serious crisis, that some of their leader will form another alliance, the new party will be form by all the other party that form alliance with the former opposition party, also member from the PDP will also be part of the alliance, the man of God said if the lending party member can come together, God might change things in their favor.
It will be recalled that Dr Chris Okafor remains of the accurate seer this country has ever produced with all his accurate prophesy coming to manifestation within a short period of time. He is currently taking Evangelism across the globe through the Chris Okafor worldwide outreach ministry COWOM, the soul winning train has visited Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany and Kenya as part of the mandate giving to him to win 1billion soul to the kingdom of God.

Evil: Man 25, raped newphew's daughter to death!

Wickedness and immorality was at its peak in Nongvan village, Adamawa state after a 25-year-old man allegedly raped a four- year-old toddler to death.
The alleged rapist, who is a nephew to the father of the girl, is said to be fond of the little girl, Aisha Ali, and always played with her.
It was reported that he had visited the parents of the victim’s residence, weekend, and picked her out as usual, while the mother was busy attending to some domestic engagement only return with the lifeless body of girl.

Confirming the incident, Adamawa State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Othman Abubakar, said the incident occurred in Ganye area of the state and that the suspect, simply called Nenekenso, is currently cooling his heels at the Criminal Investigation Department of the command.