Monday, 25 July 2016

Security expert pleads with Buhari to charge Jonathan, Dasuki, others for war crimes

Abayomi Nurain Mumuni
The book: Demand by terror

A renowned security expert, Abayomi Nurain Mumuni, has called on the Federal Government to charge the former President, Goodluck Jonathan; ex-National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and other beneficiaries of the $2.1bn arms cash to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for war crimes against Nigerians who lost their lives during the Boko Haram reign of terror.

Speaking with newsmen ahead of the release of his second book, 'Demand by Terror', Mumuni said the ex-NSA's role in sharing funds meant for the procurement of ammunition for the Nigerian military empowered the dreaded Boko Haram militants to kill thousands of Nigerians and destroy property worth billions of naira.

'Demand by Terror' is the sequel to 'Global Terrorism and its Effects on Humanity' by the same author, and would be launched in the United States of America in September to commemorate the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers by terrorists fifteen years ago.

According to the author, While Boko Haram embarked on the brutal and indiscriminate killing of the Nigerian citizens, the Jonathan administration, through the ex-NSA, was busy sharing money meant for the purchase of arms for our military. At the time Boko Haram was taking over cities in the Northeast, the military was helpless; not that they couldn't fight but they were using substandard weapons.

He described the unpatriotic conduct of former President Jonathan and his cohorts as a criminal offence, which is punishable under international law.

"Apart from the money laundering charges they are presently facing, this (war crimes charge) is really a criminal offence, punishable under international law. Money laundering is a crime, but this is a greater criminal offence because under their nose, they allowed Boko Haram to thrive. They aided terrorists by stealing money meant for arms to fight the same terrorists that have wrecked havoc in Nigeria and other neighboring African countries.

"Once they are done with the money laundering charges, Dasuki should be charged. Jonathan too should be tried because he knew how the money was distributed. All other beneficiaries involved should also be charged for war crimes. They would have curtailed the activities of the group if they had done what President Buhari is doing now," he noted.

The 2011 Lagos State governorship candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) commended President Buhari for his anti-corruption campaign, which led to the discovery of the massively looted cash embezzled by the last administration.

He said; "President Buhari should be commended for his anti-corruption campaign. I have known him for close to 2 decades. We were together during our days in the defunct All Progressives Party (APP). When he founded the now defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), we were together. I know him very well. He'll never disappoint Nigerians. All we need to do is support, encourage and pray for him.

Mumuni however cautioned the Nigerian military not to rejoice in the fight against Boko Haram, stressing that it is not over, until it's finally over.

According to him, "No doubt, FG is winning the war against Boko Haram insurgents, but it's not time for celebration because the sect members are now widespread, recuperating somewhere; and they can strike whenever they want to. That's why the military should continue their search for them, especially within our land borders.

"Remember the Maitatsine crisis in the 80s? They metamorphosed into what we know today as Boko Haram with the help of cross-border terrorists. They are not Nigerians. Most of them are not even practising Muslims. They are cross-border terrorists. That's why we need to strengthen the security in our borders. I was not surprised when I read that some Boko Haram members were apprehended in a church in Lagos. If we fail to tighten the security of our land borders, many of them will still find their way in and continue their nefarous atrocities."

Comparing the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to Boko Haram, Mumuni, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) stated that the former is not a terrorist group, but are fighting for their rights in violent ways.

He said; "The NDA are not terrorists. They are fighting for their rights and if you've been to their regions, you'll feel for them. However, they are going about it in a wrong way. Their modus operandi is totally unacceptable. It falls under terror, even though their reasons are justifiable. They should have dialogued with the government instead of going violent.

"This is an act of terrorism and Nigeria is too big for a small group to hold government into ransom. They can't fight government and win despite their access to ammunition. If government descends heavily on them, they'll pay dearly for it, and it might even lead to war crimes.

"They have forgotten that their state governments collect derivation funds and other allocations from the Federal Government. They should hold their governments responsible for the poor level of development in the their region, because some people are directly benefiting from such. They should dialogue with the government. Violence begets violence. The President Buhari I know is a listening president," he stated.

Mumuni, who holds a number of degrees in national homeland security, peacekeeping missions, global and remote terrorism, and mediation from universities in the United States, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, said terrorism cannot be totally eradicated, but its risks could be reduced if the government at all levels embarks on massive literacy campaigns and makes the welfare of its citizens a priority.

He said: "It's a global phenomenon. Terrorism has been existing before we started experiencing it in Africa. The qualifier is not an English word; it originated from French. Like I said in my books, terrorism has different faces, from State Terrorism to Religious Terrorism to Cyber Terrorism, among others. Terrorism will not fade out overnight, as they will always attack soft targets to achieve their goals.

"But its risks could be reduced through enlightenment and providing means of livelihood for the people. When you fail to provide for them, they indulge in criminal activities. They become instruments for the devil. In fact, some of these people receive stolen goods from these terrorists. They help them keep their guns. Once they provide them food, they keep mum. The terrorists have informants among them. Most of the villagers are benefitting from the terrorists because of the level of poverty in the country. Government needs to provide for them before embarking on literacy programmes."

Why I'm tagged the most controversial actor"- Actor Yemi Solade

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has created a niche for himself but not without so many controversies. He was said to be a womanizer which he has denied several times anyway.
He recently said there is a campaign against him which has made producer not to invite him for acting again. Solade touched these and many more in this interview… Enjoy it.

ONB: It was said movie producers has refused to call you for acting because of your rebel nature. What is the truth about it?
Solade; Maybe but it doesn't take anything away from me. I work with almost everybody and my archives is there, I can list them and I work with them and if my view point don't suit them I'm sorry I can't apologize for that because that is who I am. I'm radically minded and I don't think I would won't to be subservient to anybody because I want them to invite me to their movies. I don't think I lack anything to survive. I'm Yemi Solade, you can't erode me I'm here to stayfor good. So, I won't say because I want to rub anyone's back and kill professionalism.

ONB: People say English Nollywood is doing well than their Yoruba counterparts because of Yoruba's reliance on caucuses. Do you share the same view?
Solade: I've been an apostle of "let us proscribe all this caucuses ". In the days of live drama, we floated groups just like a football team. There's no footballer without a team and that is what theatre is all about, you must have people, you must staff it but this is Nollywood, why do we have to bring people together under the guise of training them? I don't know how the training goes but I always hear "we train them". I still do not subscribe to that line of apprenticeship and "ogaship" things I don't think we need it and it's killing especially the yoruba movie sector because the supposed apprentice who's very ambitious hovers around you for some time, leave and starts his own and becomes a chairman of a caucus and it goes on and on like. Then, how many caucuses are we going to have? Is it promoting the industry? I would say no! But it's debasing and reducing the levels of professionalism in it.
Mainframe, Kunle Afolayan, Tade Ogidan and others do not have caucuses but a group and they are doing well and churning out hits after hits so what is the need for it.

ONB: You are tagged "one of the most controversial Yoruba actor" how do you address this?
Solade: I read a lot about myself and when they say controversial, to me is just an assessment because I don't know what is controversial about me. I open my mouth and I say what's on my mind, it's a free world and there is freedom of speech. Everyone has the liberty so, open your mouth and say it. I talk about my work because I'm an industry leader, I've done almost 4 decades in the business of acting so, when I talk, I believed I know what I'm talking about.

ONB: A war of actors is coming between you and Hon. Rotimi Makinde (Former House Of Representatives Member) on your comment recently that he's not an actor. What brought about such comment?
Solade: Yes! He's not an actor, he's a politician. I don't know his movie records and to me he's not an actor.
I know RMD and others as an actor but, I don't know him as an actor. The fact that somebody produces a movie does not make him an actor. He worked as an accountant with NNPC and he went into politics to serve for 4 years so that's all I know about him. When we come out for industry meetings who do we see? We know those who graced it. I don't have an issue with him, he's my friend and there's nothing controversial about that.

“I saw demonic people stocking sophisticated weapons in caves , mountains and valleys in Benue State” – Bro. Iginla

Bro. Joshua Iginla

Again popular Abuja prophet and shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla has enjoined everybody to pray for Benue State.
The fiery clergy during yesterday July 24, 2016 prophetic Sunday service inside his 80,000 seater City of wonders at Kubwa in Abuja predicted that he saw demonic people piling up sophisticated weapons in caves , mountains and valleys in Benue State and covering it with green leaves with the intention of attacking the state which might result in declaration of state of emergency .
According to Iginla Benue State needs serious prayers over terrorist attack which will be disastrous and enjoined his members to pray aggressively for the state

Airtel Offers 11k/sec, all night browsing at 1.5GB for N50. • 1GB for N500 weekly

MD/CEO, Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya while receiving the award for the Telecoms CEO of the Year from the Honourable Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu at the 2016 Nigeria Telecom Award held in Lagos recently.

Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced special offers on its newly revamped SmartTrybe package in a strategic move to empower youths and the young-at-hearts with an amazing opportunity to connect with friends and family, and also stay ahead of current trends in fashion, music, movies and lifestyle.
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Under the new package, customers can make calls to all networks in Nigeria for 11kobo per seconds and can subscribe to 1GB of data for N500 only with a validity of 7 days.
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Customers can subscribe to the SmartTrybe package by dialing *312# on their Airtel lines.
Youths who are locked down on Airtel SmartTrybe will receive additional benefits as they will enjoy unlimited connection to friends and family members who are on the SmartTrybe platform with additional bonus of 250MB plus 30 Airtel Minutes at a cost of just N200 and a validity period of Saturday and Sunday.
Commenting on the newly revamped offering, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Ahmad Mokhles, said Airtel is committed to providing young Nigerians with innovative telecommunication packages that will empower them to realize their full potentials and fulfill their dreams.
According to him, the telco is intensely interested in young Nigerians and committed to creating innovative and bespoke telecoms packages that will enhance their lifestyles, boost their productivity and also offer exciting platforms for them to connect with their loved ones, family and friends.
The Airtel Smart Trybe package is a product of careful research and it is designed specifically to excite and empower Nigerian youth and the young-at-hearts.

Another RCCG pastor kidnapped during workers meeting in Ikorodu Lagos

In one of many recent abductions, the pastor of a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) branch in Isawo, Ikorodu was whisked by gunmen who initially dressed like people who had come to church for service.
The RCCG pastor was kidnapped yesterday morning July 24, 2016 around 7am in his church premises at Santos bus stop Isawo, Ikorodu, Lagos State.
According to reports, the pastor had come much earlier for the workers meeting which always take place before the day service.
He was busy preparing for the meeting when suddenly some people came in dressed in beautiful attire and they were taken to be members who had come to worship. It was not until they pulled out guns before it dawn on us that they are the Ijaw militants.
A member of the church who sent in this said, “as I write the pastor has been whisked away.
We are using this opportunity to cry out to the Lagos state government and the police as this is now a daily occurrence in Isawo, Ikorodu. We all are at the mercies of God”.