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KSDT Show Host Left Bemused by a 3-year-old Guest

To know the other side of intelligence is to hear kids speak. The words of their mouths are not just intriguing and full of suspense, but also have the ability to make genius out of the seemingly unintelligent and provoke the thinking of the respected intellectuals.

Tony Okungbowa, host of the family-oriented children TV series, Kids Say the Darndest Things sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria, was recently at the receiving end of a mix of all that the mind of a three-year old could produce.

Watching 3-year-old Corbin Ogunseye, who came to the show in company of two of his doll friends, gave a clue of how a child could acquire intelligence through observation. For his age, the level of intelligence on display could not be ignored. He was apt, and sometimes, thoughtful before responding to some questions. He could easily tell which mood his mother was in through her facial expression. His confident attempt to spell the word ‘Attitude’ ended with him pronouncing the word as ‘Atotu’ and drew a long laughter from the audience.

The ‘Ask the Experts’ Segment featured the duo of 10-year-old Ola and Babafemi, Christine and Nkechi, both 11 years old and Fiyinoluwa who shared their thoughts on the topic of the day, Music. Their sheer understanding of how music could shape social behaviour was not in doubt. P-Square’s song, “CHOP MY MONEY” received divergent views and interpretations from the children. The discussion around the song provided other insights into their world view of some other social issues like love and relationships.

While Ola’s interpretation of the song highlights the fact that money can buy affection and could be used to mend fences in a broken relationship while Nkechi suggested that money is the bait that most women would find hard to resist. These types of responses also highlight the social risks children are exposed to and the need for parents and guardians to consciously guide them to ensure that they consume the right media content that would influence their behaviours positively.

The trio of Amarachi, Faith and Ashely in the panel segment revealed in their various responses, the secret lifestyle of children within the domains of their world. Show host, Tony, had asked these trio, what the best thing about being a kid was.

11-year-old Amarachi thought ‘getting a lot of gifts’ should be the best while Faith considers ‘the freedom to play’ as the best.

Ashley, aged 9, sparked an argument between her and Faith when she suggested that a child was better than an adult. Faith eventually won when Amarachi who had stood like one caught in the crossfire took sides with her.

Subsequent episodes of the TV series will be aired on both terrestrial and satellite TV Stations. These include NTA Network, Saturday, 9 am; STV Saturday, 9.30am; and Africa Magic Channel 154 Sundays, 4 pm and 5pm on Wednesday. Others are WAPTV Saturday, 9.30 am; OGTV Saturday, 5.30pm; PRTV Saturday, 7.30pm; ABS, Saturday, 5.30 pm and Royal Roots TV Saturday, 9 am and 4 pm on Sundays.

September (Not) To Remember: By Ayooluwa Akinduro

It was the first day of September; Nike adjusted the collar of Kola's white shirt and gently touched the golden tie clip with a diamond stud. She looked up into his eyes – full of fear and anxiety. She understood his fear. For seven years, the love of her life has being trying to strike a deal with the Russians. Each proposal was turned down. The last one he sent was about a year ago; that too was yet to earn a positive response.
A month ago, Nike was lying down on the recliner on the balcony of their duplex somewhere on the island, reading Chimanmanda Adichie’s "Americanah", while Kola was painting her toe nails with a sonic blue nail polish he had picked from a beauty shop on his way home earlier in the evening. He was doing the last brush stroke on her left pinkie toe when a call came in from the Russians. He was asked to come on the 1st of September 2015 to make his presentation to the board of directors.
"Baby, shake off the fear, go make us proud. Just do it." With that, she pressed her lips against his and assured "I love you."
"I love you too baby", he bent and pressed his ear against her massive baby bump that seemed like it was going to explode with the slightest poke. "Good morning", he sang and jolted almost immediately: "Wow! The baby kicked furiously immediately I sang."
"Daddy makes everyone happy." She said giving him his sonic blue suit. "Have a great day."
"You too, don’t forget your breathing exercise; we’ll have another session this evening." With that he kissed her right hand and hopped into his black 2015 Mercedes SUV.
Bayo stood with his mother at Abule-Egba bus-stop waiting for a bus going to Obalende. The son had been invited to his third interview in the last two weeks. He received a mail from Chevron Oil Company exactly a month ago, inviting him for an interview on the island on the 1st of September 2015 at 11am. Bayo had lost count of such invites since he graduated in the year 2010.
"Adebayo, joor be careful s’otigbo? Remember what we read from the Daily Devotional this morning. As you go speak grace and divine favour into your day, you hear?"
"Yes mummy"
"God be with you eehn, Jesu a la na fun e." She hugged him briefly and added: "Come straight to the market, when you’re back. I want to be the first to congratulate you. Se jeje ooo, odabo oko mi."
"Okay Ma"
With that she entered a Keke Napep heading to Agege.
5:00pm that day…
Kola reached for his expensive phone sitting somewhere in his laptop bag and dialled his wife’s number.
"Sweetheart," her voice came in through the line.
"We made it baby! We made it! I just signed a 10 million US dollars deal with the Russians!" He said shouting at the top of his voice.
“Oh my God! Baby I'm so proud of you! I knew you were going to nail it, I’ve always believed in you."
"You know what Baby, put on your best dress and pick the best tux for me. We’re going to celebrate tonight."
"Not tonight baby, we’re throwing a huge party in the next eight days," she said in a perky tone.
"Huh? What do you mean in the next eight days? Why not tonight?" he queried.
"Cos our beautiful son was born 30 minutes ago. Didn't you get my text?"
"What text? Wait! Are you kidding me?! Our Son?! We have a beautiful baby boy?" he said rushing out of the empty board room.
"Yes baby, he’s every inch like you and he has my dimples too".
"I love you so much baby, where are you?" he dashed into the elevator.
"The family hospital".
"Perfect! That’s just right across the road. But why didn’t you tell me when the labour started?"
"It started shortly after you drove out this morning, I didn’t want you panicking."
"Anyway, I’ll be with you in fifteen minutes.” With that he hung up.
Fleets of cars, trucks, motorcycles, yellow buses with two black stripes on each side sped past him, as he waited patiently for the road to be safe before he crossed. He decided not to take his car, since the hospital was near and driving meant he had would get stuck in traffic jam. Kola could not wait to get to his wife and son.
Bayo alighted from the car of a man who gave him a lift from the venue of the interview. He walked down to a kiosk that was painted in yellow and had "MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT CREDIT AVAILABLE", written on all the four sides.
He folded the MTN airtime he bought into his wallet and dug out his cheap phone from his left pocket; he pressed some keys and then raised the phone to his left ear.
"Adebayo, how are you?" his mother’s voice came into the line.
"Mummy, I’m very fine ooo! God has done it."
"Oya Oya, let me hear the good news.”
"I was asked to start work on Monday. Ahh! Maami, the salary is so fat and the allowances alone sef are enough to sponsor my sisters’ education.”
"Oluwa ma seunooo! Oya be coming home, I'm cooking egusi and will pound yam for you."
Kola looked to his right and left to ensure no vehicle was close. He ran across the road, jumped the road divider, looked to the left and right again and ran across the road. The hospital was only three blocks away from where he was standing. He stopped at a stall to get some fresh apples and grapes for his wife.
"That’s a very nice time piece you’ve got sir," Bayo said while waiting for the trader to provide his change.
"Oh! Thank you," Kola answered reluctantly, staring blankly at the total stranger who just complimented his 8,000 USD watch and hurried off from stall.
He took long manly strides towards the hospital constantly placing his hand on his pockets to ensure his iPhone 6 plus and wallet were still there. After all, you can never be too careful on the streets of Lagos.
Suddenly, he heard screeching sound of tyres, blaring horn of a truck, and everyone seemed to be shouting "Break e ti fail ooo!" He stood confused in front of the hospital, trying to figure out what was happening. Then, there was a loud crashing sound, and everything stopped. The horn no longer blared, cars halted and people were gathering around the truck.
Curiously, he squeezed his way through the crowd. The polythene bag holding the apples and grapes he bought dropped and the contents scattered once he sighted the lifeless body of the young boy that complimented his watch. Bayo was sprawled in blood; his legs and arms ungainly twisted; head had been crushed by the truck’s tyre; his skull and brain have been reduced into a bloody mush.
Kola mopped his face with his handkerchief, as he pushed his way out through the crowd. Running late, he ran towards the hospital and just as he was about to enter the compound through the pedestrian gate, a lady stretched a religious flyer to him.
He paused to read the title; "A September to remember." He scoffed and quizzed: "A September to remember? For me, this is a great September to remember, but for some…" he looked up at the crowd still gathered around the truck and the deceased young man, "this is a detestable September to remember."
She nodded, staring at him in confusion.
"I know someone you shouldn’t give this flyer to," he asserted, handing the flyer back to her.
"Who sir?", she sought to know.
"Those back home expecting that departed guy," he answered, pointing at the accident scene.
Ayo is a writer, poet and blogger.
The Mass Communication graduate from Babcock University, tweets from Selig_akb
Instagram: Ayooluwa_a and Selig__

FCMB Supports 2016 Ojude Oba Festival To Boost Tourism, Felicitates With Ijebuland

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Limited has explained that its continuous support of the Ojude Oba Festival is borne out of its commitment to celebrate and preserve Nigeria’s cultural heritage, while also boosting the tourism sector in line with the government’s ongoing drive to diversify the country’s economy.
Consequently, the Bank has assured that its participation in this year’s edition of the Festival, which holds in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state, on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 will be grand, exciting and rewarding for the thousands of people within and outside the country that would grace the fiesta. FCMB has in the past 10 years continued to play a significant role in ensuring the success of the Festival.
The Group Head, Corporate Affairs of FCMB, Mr. Diran Olojo, reiterated this at a press conference organised by the Ojude Oba Festival Planning Committee held at Ijebu-Ode on August 29, 2016.
The Ojude Oba (which in Ijebu dialect means, the king’s fore-court or frontage) is a major festival in Nigeria that began over 100 years ago. It brings together all sons and daughters of Ijebuland in Nigeria and diaspora for a carnival-like celebration of the traditional, cultural, spiritual accomplishments and other values of the Ijebu nation. During the Festival, various age groups (popularly known as the Regberegbes), indigenes, their friends and associates from far and near - all in their colourful costumes and riding on horses - throng the palace of the Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland to pay homage to him amidst prayers and other fun-filled activities.
In a goodwill message to the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Adetona on the occasion of this year’s Ojude Oba Festival, the Chief Executive Officer of FCMB, Mr. Ladi Balogun, congratulated the monarch for upholding the values of Ijebuland and raising the status of the event over the years. He stated that FCMB is committed to the longevity of the Ojude Oba Festival, and was proud to be associated with it.
 ‘’The Ojude Oba Festival has become a long standing yearly tradition we look forward to as a unifying factor and a tourist attraction. For over a century, the Festival has gone a long way to showcase, amplify and promote our cultural heritage. FCMB has been a major supporter of the Ojude Oba Festival for more than a decade and it has been a mutually beneficial journey. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we realise that globalisation, though essential, could also become a threat to the cultural identity of a people. We also recognise that celebrating the heritage and diversity of Nigeria is important in educating generations to come about the evolution of our country’’, Mr. Balogun emphasised.
In the same vein, the Founder of FCMB Group who is also the the Olori Omo-Oba Akile Ijebu, Otunba (Dr) Michael Olasubomi Balogun, CON, in a goodwill message to the paramount ruler of Ijebuland expressed his gratitude to the Awujale, especially considering the paramount ruler’s selflessness in attending to the different requests and yearnings of the people of Ijebuland.
In a message delivered on his behalf by Mr. Olojo, the spokesman of FCMB, Otunba Balogun commended Oba Adetona for his, ‘’distinguished and exemplary leadership over the years which have continued to endear you to all of us’’.
While congratulating the entire indigenes of Ijebuland, the FCMB Founder also prayed that the monarch’s reign would, ‘’continue to bring joy, prosperity and robust health, all in abundance to the entire Ijebu race, at home and in the diaspora, in all that you endeavour to do for our people”.
Apart from the glitz and colours associated with the annual Ojude Oba Festival, the event provides an opportunity for the indigenes of Ijebuland, their associates and well-wishers to discuss pertinent issues that fast-track the development of the Ijebu nation. The Festival also boosts business activities, tourism and the general hospitality sector in the area, thereby contributing to socio-economic development.
First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is a member of FCMB Group Plc, which is one of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective segments. Having successfully transformed to a retail and commercial banking-led group, FCMB expects to continue to distinguish itself by delivering exceptional services, while enhancing the growth and achievement of the personal and business aspirations of its customers