Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Happy New Month To You All… May God Make His Face To Shine Upon You This Month And Give You Grace To Excel. Grace On Your Head, Money In Your Hands, Speed On Your Legs... It Is Exactly 108 Days To Go For The Unveiling

Agony Of Women: What Do Men Really Want? Satisfy Them In Bed You Are Sex Addict; Don’t, You Make Sex Boring

Talented Yoruba actress, Bridget Amos, has come for men in one of her instagram posts, calling them confused and don’t really know what they want.

Bridget said; if you cook and wash their clothes, they see you as someone being desperate for marriage, and if you don’t they say you are not a wife material.

If you are beautiful, they would say you can’t stay with one man; if you are not, you are not up to the standard; if you ask for money you are too demanding and if you don’t, you are forming”.
The Kwara State-born beauty who joined Nollywood around 2008 and has made films of her own said;